Antler dog chew

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Antler dog chew

Chews comes from the first factory in Poland adapted exclusively to the production of antler dog chews. It is a guarantee that the antler does not come from a sick animal, from poaching, and that the District Veterinary Inspector monitors each stage of production. Veterinary number 12068302

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What makes them unique?
Antler chews are extremely tasty due to the spongy, dry marrow that dogs love to lick and bite. Due to their porous structure, antlers are very durable and instead of breaking, they wear down. The dog chews them from the ends, trying to get to the center where the marrow is. Gradually, the teether decreases its volume, and the dog receives many valuable vitamins and minerals. However, this is not the main reason why the owners decide to buy antlers: they are incomparable to anything else when it comes to the joy and excitement they give to pets.

Is the antler acquired in an ethical way?
Deer antlers are growing very quickly and in a noble way. However, every year, in the spring, the deers are shedding them, so that new, larger ones grow in their place. Then they are collected and cut into smaller pieces, selected in such a way that they are perfect for the size and breed of your dog.

The most important features:

  • 100% natural chews
  • They come from a natural shed
  • Completely odour-free
  • Very tasty (due to the marrow contained inside)
  • They contain important minerals and vitamins
  • Each antler has a unique shape
  • Fat-free
  • They do not break or splinter
  • They do not stain, and the floor will not be sticky
  • They do not cause choking risk
  • No dyes and preservatives


Something for the most demanding dogs. Full antlers cut from the toughest part of the beam. If your pet tears apart even the most durable toys, you should definitely try ROGY HARD.



Ideal for dogs of medium breeds. Facilitate access to the bone marrow, however, preserving durability and joy that gives many weeks, or even months of fun with the antlers. Additionally, shape of the chew benefits the dental health.


Chews that even the smallest dogs can deal with. ROGY as the first one in the world offers you piece with the exposed bone marrow cut from the most spongy part of the antlers. Thanks to that the dog may enjoy all the benefits of ROGY, despite its tiny mouth.

Premium meat

Meat products for dogs of the highest quality. You will not find preservatives or enhancers there. We obtain the meat for them only from Polish suppliers.

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