Grilled turkey with duck.

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Grilled turkey with duck.

Turkey meat is characterized by low fat with high protein content. Turkey meat is easily digestible food for your dog. It has many important micronutrients in it, such as phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and significant amounts of B vitamins.

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A line of grilled products specially made for your dog. Thanks to the unique method of grilling, followed by drying with warm air, this treat retains its aroma and nutritional value without the need for adding preservatives.

Pieces about 2cm in size

  • Made only from ingredients from local suppliers
  • No preservatives or artificial additives
  • Grain free
  • contains a lot of nutritional value
  • healthy training snack

Rogy originals

ROGY brand products. New products on the Polish market that have won the hearts of dogs and their owners. Teethers for dogs and snacks, which thanks to unique packaging stand on the shelves attract the attention of customers, and the delight of their four-legged friends.

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